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Are you currently feeling stressed or overwhelmed with the amount of text that you have to read every day? Or perhaps are you backlogged with a bunch of books that you want to get through quicker? Don’t you wish that there was a faster way to zip through your readings? Think for a second what your life is going to be like in 5 or 10 years if you continue on this path of playing catch-up with reading as even more information will be released daily. You’ll have less time for yourself, family, and friends as you’ll be even more busy just trying to keep up with the information.


Just imagine for a second being able to zip through all of your readings in half the time it takes you now. You could spend that extra time however YOU want to and not on something someone tells you to read. You can spend that time with family or friends, on your hobby, or perhaps on to that next book that you’ve been wanting to dive into.


If anything that I had just said above relates to you, then I can help you out. I have a guide that will double your reading speed within 30 days or your money back guaranteed.


Before being able to read roughly 8 books/month, I was just like everyone else, reading at an average speed of 200 words per minute. Due to the amount of text, e-mails, memos, and etc. that I had to read on a daily basis for work and in my personal life, I often felt frustrated and stressed to the point where I just gave up as I felt hopeless. It wasn’t until one day where I was reading some text where I just paused for a moment and thought how wonderful it’d feel to be able to whiz through it and save myself so much time. That then sparked the idea for me to search out on a way to do so. After learning and practicing, I accomplished just that. I doubled, possibly, even tripled my reading speed. Shortly after I figured that if I was having this problem, others would be experiencing it too. I then taught a few close friends what I had learned. My friends then started having great success with increasing their reading speed as well. It was rewarding when they gave me their positive experience on how they were able to double their reading speed. That then lead me to the creation of this guide as I understand how frustrating it can feel to be overwhelmed with the amount of text given to you. If others are able to double their reading speed within 30 days, I believe you can too! Once you do, you’ll wonder why you weren’t taught how to read like this before.


Many people believe that learning to read faster isn’t possible or that you have to sacrifice comprehension. Contrary to these beliefs though, when speed reading, not only does your reading speed increase, but so does your comprehension; this is stuff I share in the guide. If I can do it, so can you as I’m no one special. This guide has all of the information that I have personally used, along with others as well, to go from reading 1 book a month to 8 books a month. There are many tips, tricks, and strategies discussed in the guide to reading faster and smarter. A quick and easy 10 minutes/day exercise is all it takes to start increasing your reading speed! Sure you’ll need to spend some time learning and practicing to increase your speed, but the time you spend learning and practicing is nothing in comparison to the time you’ll save after learning it. The information in this guide is what you’ll wish you had learned years ago. Think about the last time you were taught to read. That was most likely in elementary school. I can guarantee you that things have changed since then. You’re essentially using elementary school reading skills at a mismatched age appropriate skill; you’re bringing a horse to a tank fight. In my guide, not only will you increase your reading speed, but you’ll also learn:


  • how to remember more from what you read

  • how to increase your focus

  • how to use music to give you an advantage

The average person makes about $51,000/year. Assuming you work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks that’s $25.50/hour. My guide will EASILY SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the rest of your life by saving you time in reading.


Other guides or programs like this can cost double the price and nor do they include an audio recording for the exercise so why not act now and buy it from me as the guide is only $19.99 $9.99 USD (you save 50%) exclusively for a limited time. Buy it now to stop wasting more time than necessary on reading. People tell me that I should be charging more for this guide as it has saved them significantly more money than the cost of the guide.


Such great feedback has been received about this guide that I am very positive you’ll reap great benefits from it as well. In fact, I’ve only had to refund one customerIf your reading speed doesn’t double within 30 days, there is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. Just send me an e-mail that your reading speed didn’t improve and the money is refunded. There’s zero risk, and a lot to gain. In fact, I lose money because PayPal charges me to refund your money. Many are missing out on the opportunity on becoming faster and smarter readers, don’t be one of them. This guide will be one of your best purchases you’ll have ever made.


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Here are some testimonials:

I have read in all the success magazines, articles and blogs that the number 1 key to becoming wealthy is to read lots of book. I think this is right, but I’m not like the people they describe in these articles, I don’t get up 4am in the morning, read three books and then practice some yoga before heading out to work. I’m a normal guy who takes forever to read a book. I love reading, I enjoy reading novels as well as self-help books. But I am a slow reader – I average around 200 words per minute when I’m concentrating and trying to read fast! I feel I was falling behind my dreams and my ambitions, I needed to increase my reading speed and read more books. Again, like most people, I don’t have hours to spend reading so I need to get through books quick and fast. This is where Ryan’s ‘How to become a Faster and Smarter Reader’ course came in. I bought this course with the ebook along with the audio exercise. I read the ebook slowly and carefully, the insights into my reading it showed me was astonishing. The whole nature of reading, the different types of reading and how to measure yourself was all described. I instantly understood why I was reading slowly. But how to change? Ryan provides the answers and also very easy to do exercise, he was with me when I completed the exercise, timing me on the audio file and giving me instructions. I practised and practised and practised. And the results speak for themselves, within 1 week of getting the course and practising I went from reading at 200 words per minute (at my fastest!) to now comfortably reading at around 550 words per minute without losing any understanding of what I had read. I feel if I keep practising I will definitely get past reading 600 words per minute. I am now actually devouring books, I am reading bigger books without thinking that this will take me a year to complete, with this success I have ordered more books on Amazon and I am excited about the types of books I will read and look forward to expanding my horizons. I am reading, practising and learning! I would definitely recommend Ryan Lee’s ‘How to become a faster and smarter reader’ to anyone, it really helped me out and I know it will help you too.

– Asad Munir (


Hello, Ryan

I’ve been practicing on a consistent basis for little over two weeks now, and I can tell you that in two days time, totalling a time of 30 minutes, I’ve read 35 pages of a book I started to read. I am confident that the more I do it the better I’ll get at it. Thanks!!!

– Julio Rodrigo Perez Ponce


Loved your tips. Going to work on the exercises. I always fell off the bandwagon of speed reading because I wouldn’t retain as much, reading your book finally made the neurons click that I need to practice just like everything else if I want to improve. Thanks man! I’ll post my baseline and improvements soon!

– Jeremy Schlottig


Hi Ryan

I read your guide to “How to become a faster and smarter reader”. It is concise and to the point. I tried to follow what you have said in the book and it works. I read twice as fast. I will be reading your book tomorrow again to re-cap on what you have mentioned. Thank-You it is really good.

– Sangeeta Goyal



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$19.99 USD $9.99 USD to double your reading speed in 30 days exclusively for a limited time

Join 546 Happy Customers