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Hello my name is Ryan Lee and welcome to Books Takeaway! I’d like to share with you my story on how and why I created this website. A couple of years ago, I was facing some difficult times in my life and that made me question my future and what was in store for me. During this time, I had believed that my life was fixed and that I was destined to continue on through the hardships as I was going through.


It wasn’t until one day where I randomly came across some entrepreneur saying that if you want your life to change, you first need to change yourself. Upon hearing those words, they just stuck to me and that then sparked my journey to seek out a better life for myself; I kept thinking of ways to “change” myself for the better. I later found out that reading and continual learning was the tried and true path to one’s success. Ever since I learned the notion of, “The more you learn, the more you’ll earn,” I shifted my priorities and invested countless hours and dollars into online seminars, courses, books, and talks. From that day when I had made a commitment to take back control of my life, all aspects of my life have gotten much better than it was before. As a result of the progress and somewhat of a transformation that I had made, I felt inspired to create this website to help others out and to learn how to find a better meaning and purpose for their life through books.


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