Gorilla Mindset – Mike Cernovich

How can you become more productive and get more out of your day starting now? Author, blogger, and successful podcaster on mindset, Mike Cernovich, addresses how changing your mindset alone can change the course of your life. In addition to changing your mindset, he lists out several other actions you can take to upgrade your health, wealth, and freedom. Although this book was written with a male audience in mind, there are still a lot of great points to this book that both genders can take away, especially the part pertaining to wealth creation. Here are some of the points to the book:


1. Expect more out of yourself and take responsibility. In a course with motivational speaker and high performance coach Brendon Burchard, he addresses that one of the traits that highly productive people have is that they have high expectations for themselves. Just as the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come” goes, set the bar higher for yourself and you’ll find a way to get there. Gorilla Mindset is a book for those who want more out of life. That ‘more’ could be control over your emotions, a better relationship with your children, more money, better romances, a more rewarding career, or even freedom from anxiety and depression. But there’s a catch. To get more out of life you must get more out of yourself. You must stop blaming the system. The days of looking outside of yourself for answers are gone. This goes against what we’ve all been taught. We are told that the secret to getting more out of life is to buy some new gadget or car or to drink beer or smoke cigarettes. One successful cigarette ad campaign proclaimed, ‘You’ve come a long way, babe,’ as if inhaling cancer represented a triumph of women’s liberation and the apex of human freedom.


2. Quit with the negative self talk. You should talk to yourself the way that you would with a good friend. If you were to talk to your friend the exact same way you do with yourself, you’d have no friends. Imagine that a friend of yours came to you for some advice. Perhaps he had lost his job or his wife left him. Imagine he was facing a real crisis and turned to you for help. What would happen to your relationship with this friend or loved one if your response was, ‘Your life is over!’ You probably wouldn’t have that friend for long, would you? You should never candy-coat truths; but being overly dramatic is both inaccurate and unhelpful. Our friends turn to us for a combination of emotional support, validation, and actionable advice. You should support yourself in the same way. Gorilla Mindset shift: Treat yourself like a treasured and trusted friend. Shouldn’t you treat yourself like a treasured friend?


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3. Put aside the negative thoughts and become more present in what you’re doing. Not only will you become more focused, but you’ll also get a chance to embrace the moment rather than being a mindless zombie at what you’re doing. I’ve heard many times that one of the reasons why former President Bill Clinton was so charismatic was because of his ability to stay focused in the present moment. We go from a state of inattention to hyper-focusing on trivial bullshit. My WiFi won’t work! Where is my food?! What’s taking so long!? Check in. You are focusing on negative energy. What you are focusing on is frustrating you, making you angry, and bringing you farther away from feeling good about yourself and accomplishing your goals. As Tony Robbins says, ‘What you focus on is what you feel.’ If you focus on what is lacking (scarcity mindset), you will feel frenzied, frustrated, and angry. Focus works both ways. You can focus on what matters or focus on what doesn’t matter. You can focus on what makes you feel rich and abundant, or on what makes you feel inadequate and scarce. Remember to check in. ‘Why am I focusing on this triviality?’ Ask yourself, ‘Is focusing in this direction making me feel better or worse about myself or the situation I am in?’ Is your focus bringing you closer to feeling the way you want to feel or taking you farther away?


4. Start your day off right with a good morning routine. I’ve been following Hal Elrod’s morning routine after reading his book The Miracle Morning, and I have to attest to the fact that starting your day off with a good routine has made me more productive. Just as you shouldn’t just start exercising without stretching before hand, you shouldn’t start your day off without a good productive morning routine. The momentum of your day begins with your morning. Your perfect morning will lead to your perfect day, which will lead to a better life. End this life of quiet desperation by beginning your day with an empowering morning routine. Never press the snooze button. We know you’re tired. Everyone is tired first thing in the morning. If you feel like you’re about to fall asleep, get right out of bed. Rush into the shower. Take a contrast shower or a cold shower. Perform a mindset-shifting brain warmup.

By Ryan Lee


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