Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life – Nick Vujicic

What advice on life can we take from a man born with no limbs other than just a foot? Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic states that despite the difficulties that you are facing, you have a purpose as to why you are here; now the challenge is finding that purpose. As we go through life, there will be times where hardships seem unfair or unjust. However, the way to look at them should be more purposeful. For every down you face, there’s an up just around the corner. Points from the book:


1. Despite your “limitations”, don’t let them stop you from achieving big things. Each and everyone of us has a purpose in life, it’s just a matter of finding and pursuing it. Push and persevere through those difficult times as each step forward is one step closer to your goal.  We all have limitations. I’ll never be an NBA star, but that’s okay because I can inspire people to be the stars of their own lives. You should never live according to what you lack. Instead, live as though you can do anything you dream of doing. Even when you suffer a setback or a tragedy, there is often an unexpected, totally improbable, and absolutely impossible benefit to be realized. It may not happen right away. You may at times wonder what good could possibly come of it. But trust that it all happens for the good-even tragedies can turn into triumphs.


2. Sometimes things happen for a reason despite how horrendous or tragic it seems at first. We usually always take things for face value but when it comes to reflecting on the same things later on, our perception changes. Sometimes a setback disguises itself as a step forward. Remember when I said it all came together for the good? Because of the money shortage, we had changed our schedule for India, but when funding became available, we rescheduled our visit there and actually made it a week earlier. That change in schedule may well have saved our lives. Just a couple days after we were in Mumbai, three of the locations we visited were hit by terrorists. The Taj Hotel, the airport, and the southern Mumbai train station were among their targets in attacks that killed 180 people and left 300 injured. Our original schedule would have had us in Mumbai, at those very locations, during those attacks.


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3. Whose life are you living? Are you sure you’re living your own life or a life that society pushes on to you? We are constantly told through others how to become a “productive member” of society. We’re all being shaped by others on what to think and how to act. The next time you make a decision, ask yourself if it’s really yours. We are continually bombarded with messages that we need to have a certain look, a certain car, and a certain lifestyle in order to be fulfilled, loved, appreciated, or considered successful. We’ve come to a dangerous point in our culture when being in a sex video is considered a path to fame, fortune, and fulfillment. When you get caught up in material goods and surface beauty, and when you let other people determine your value, you give up too much of yourself and risk letting your blessings go to waste.


4. As we’re all capable of doing great things, don’t waste your opportunity to help shape the world in your eyes. We all have the potential to do wonders, it’s just that a lot of us make up excuses and state the risks involved. There are risks either way, the risk of getting started, and the risk of losing the potential to do something great. Which one are you going to choose? There are two types of risks in life: the danger of trying and the danger of not trying. That is to say, there is always risk, no matter how you may try to avoid it or protect yourself. Let’s say you are interested in dating someone. It’s a gamble just to call and ask the person out. You might be turned down. But what if you don’t try? After all, this wonderful person might say yes. You might it it off and live happily ever after. Remember that you have virtually no chance of living ‘happily ever after’ unless you put yourself out there. Isn’t that worth a tumble, mate? You will lose now and then. You will fail. But the glory lies in getting back up again and again until you succeed! To live, you must be willing to reach and stretch. To live well, you must learn to control the odds by knowing the upside and downside before you make a move. You can’t control everything that happens to you or around you, so focus on what you can control, assess every possibility and you can assess, and then make a decision.


By Ryan Lee


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