6 Months To 6 Figures – Peter Voogd

How does one start making 6 figures in 6 months? To entrepreneur Peter Voogd, dedication, commitment, and consistency is the key to your success. One of the biggest challenge with getting where you would like to be financially is overcoming procrastination; everyone says that they’ll do it tomorrow or the day after but why not start today? To get the life you want, you need to start now. Throughout the book Peter Voogd outlines his story and the steps he’s taken to get to where he is now. Points taken away from the book:


1. Just as Elon Musk has said that your income is in direct proportion to the level of difficulty of the problems that you’re solving, Peter is saying the same thing. If you want to make more money, become more valuable.The harsh reality we all must understand is that you will always be paid exactly what you are worth, or expect you are worth. If somebody is making minimum wage, this is the value they’re bringing to the market place. Why would somebody make $500 an hour, and somebody else make $15 an hour? It’s quite simple; one has become more valuable to the marketplace than the other. If you’re not very valuable to the marketplace you don’t get much money.


2. Your confidence is a key ingredient to your success.Let’s talk about the most important account you will ever manage. No, it’s not your bank account. It’s your confidence account. Everyone has something inside of them called their confidence account and everything they’ve accomplished up to this point has been a result of that account. I bet you can’t name a visionary or exceptional leader who lacks confidence. So where does confidence come from? It comes from self-esteem and that comes from doing the things you know you should do when you know you should whether you feel like it or not.



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3. Remove your fears from succeeding.Stay fearless in everything you do. The reason most don’t take risks, live on the edge, or push the envelope is the fear of what others might think of them. If you want to live the life you truly deserve, one of significance and fulfillment, you must give up the need to be liked by everybody. Will Smith said, ‘Trying to get everybody to like you is the most common chosen road to mediocrity.’ Bill Cosby said, ‘You can’t please everybody so don’t even try. In fact, when you try, the one person you absolutely won’t please is yourself.'”


4. Keep the momentum going.To create a 6-figure income within 6 months, you need to create big momentum. The only way you’ll experience momentum is through continuous and focused action. You must consistently improve your mindset, your emotional intelligence, perspective, and philosophy on how success is achieved and how you view yourself. Consistently – NOT when you feel like it. Once you get clear on what you want, build your confidence account, and elevate your circle of influence, you must stay consistent or you’ll always be starting over.


By Ryan Lee


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