How To Get Rich – Felix Dennis

Here are my comments on the book:

How does one get rich? Felix Dennis, founder of one of the largest publishing companies in the UK, Dennis Publishing (which started Maxim), outlines his learned lessons on generating and maintaining wealth in this book. He states a plethora of tips and strategies that he’s picked up on his road towards riches. The points taken away are:


1. The best time to create something in hopes of becoming rich is when you don’t have much to lose.Young, Penniless and Inexperienced? Excellent. You stand by far the best chance of becoming as rich as you please. You have an advantage that neither education nor upbringing, nor even money, can buy – you have almost nothing. And therefore you have almost nothing to lose.


2. Once you’ve created a company, hire people more talented and smarter than you are. In an interview that I was listening to with entrepreneur Neil Patel, he also said the same thing; he looks for people who are smarter and more talented than he is.I employ a great many people smarter than I am. That’s not false modesty, that’s a stone-cold fact. The only two reasons such geniuses continue to work for me and put money into my pocket are that, on the positive side, they enjoy their work, and on the negative side, they fear losing what they have already gained – challenging work, congenial colleagues, a certain status and the promise of promotion and pay raises.


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3. Prior to starting your own business, don’t just jump into it. Learn the mistakes from others first so that you don’t have to make them yourself. If you can make someone else rich working for them, most certainly you can make yourself rich by working for yourself.Working for others is a reconnaissance expedition; a means and not an end in itself. It is an apprenticeship and not a goal. You should have no long-term, or even medium-term, requirements of the first two or three companies you work for. Promotion is always welcome and brings with it the opportunity to suck out the marrow of what you need to know, to understand it and place it within a greater context for a future purpose. The purpose of getting rich.


4. Never stop learning. As the world keeps changing and evolving, you need to consistently learn just to keep up. As we’re now entering an era where information is so easily accessible, getting left behind will come sooner than later.When you stop listening, you stop learning. And if you stop learning, it’s time to get out of the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking. Listening is the most powerful weapon after self-belief and persistence you can bring into play as an entrepreneur.

By Ryan Lee


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