Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Prior to reading this book, when I would think of Arnold Schwarzenegger the image of him as the “terminator” would always appear in my mind as he was the star in one of my favourite movies as a kid. However, I’ve learned that he’s more than just an actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger was also a body builder, businessman, and politician. I have such great respect for him as he has been living life to the fullest as he accomplished essentially every dream and challenge that was thrown at him. When he started body building, he wanted to be the the body building champion. Check. He then wanted to become an American citizen. Check. After moving to America with nothing, he then wanted to become an actor despite his limited proficiency in English. Check. He then wanted to be the highest paid actor. Check. He then got into politics and thought about running for the highest position possible for him. Check. He has shown that anyone can do big things despite the limitations you believe you have. To him he says it’s all reps reps reps reps reps. The top points I’ve taken away are:


1. Keep your eye on the goal. The more you keep focused on the endgame, the more you’ll be likely to follow through with what you have planned. When he was working out at the gym, he would cross off the number of sets he had completed on the wall to give him that visual feedback. You need to keep in mind that what you’re doing now is a step forward towards your goal.Every painful set, every extra rep, was a step toward my goal of winning Mr. Austria and entering the Mr. Europe competition.”


2. To get anything you need to work for it. To get what you want, you need to deserve what you want. Nothing comes your way to you. Become a knowledge machine first and only then will things start coming your way.As a first step, I made it a rule to date only American girls; I did not want to hang out with girls who knew German. And I immediately signed up for English classes at Santa Monica Community College. I wanted my English to be good enough so that I could read newspapers and textbooks and go to classes in other subjects. I wanted to speed up the process of learning to think, read, and write like an American. I didn’t want to just wait till I picked it up.


3. No matter how good you perceive yourself to be, keep learning to improve. Inner humility is something most people don’t have. To keep being the best, you need to work on being the best. This is exactly how Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, became the richest man in America; he was humble enough to keep on learning. After any competition, I always sought out the judges to ask for their input. ‘I appreciate that I won, but please tell me what were my weak points and what were my strong points,’ I’d say. ‘You’re not going to hurt my feelings.’


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4. To get good at ANYTHING in life, it takes a lot of practice. In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, he states that there’s no such thing as talent. Rather, the only real connection he could find amongst successful people is the number of hours they put in; it takes roughly 10,000 hours to become a master at something. “As the Terminator, when you cock or load a gun, you don’t look down any more than Conan would look down to sheath his sword. And, of course, you are ambidextrous. All of that is reps. You have to practice each move thirty, forty, fifty times until you get it. From the bodybuilding days on, I learned that everything is reps and mileage. The more miles you ski, the better a skier you become; the more reps you do, the better your body. I’m a big believe in hard work, grinding it out, and not stopping until it’s done, so the challenge appealed to me.


5. Don’t let others discourage you. When others say you can’t do something, use it as fuel to get it done. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. But I love it when people say that something can’t be done. That’s when I really get motivated; I like to prove them wrong. And I liked the idea of working on something bigger than me. My father-in-law always talked about how it gives you extra power and energy, but you don’t really feel it until you’re in the middle of it.

By Ryan Lee


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